Welcome to My Sanctuary

NOTE: With the introduction of the new COVID traffic light system, we may not be offering all our services. Please contact us to check which services are available.

We offer you opportunities to relax and reset, where you can simply luxuriate with a day spa treatment or indulge over several days at our adjoining boutique, retreat accommodation.  Set amongst native bush and birdsong, this is a nurturing, healing place. Here, you get to leave behind your busy world, catch your breath and nourish your soul.

Your Host

Julie Anderson is your host and Otatara Retreat is her vision. Julie has a calm, gentle energy. She is a relaxation massage therapist, beauty therapist, Japanese Reiki practitioner and teacher, and mindfulness coach, with 35 years’ experience. We live in a crazy world that is wired 24/7. You are invited into our place, where you can totally relax and nurture yourself, so that when you leave, you feel peaceful and energised.

Otatara retreat offers a range of treatments that can be enjoyed at either our day spa or boutique accommodation experience. Julie is very conscious of creating a luxurious, pampering experience with each treatment session.

Reiki & Spa Treatments


Reiki massage combines a relaxing reiki session and finishing with a 15 min deep-hand, slow massage with Reiki energy to enhance the relaxation experience. Choose from a short foot massage that moves to the legs or a deep scalp massage. It will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and energised. A Reiki massage takes 1 hour.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It helps the body to heal itself and is done in a peaceful environment by laying hands on you or over you and letting the Reiki energy flow to you. A Reiki healing session will leave you feeling calm and rested. It takes 1 hour.


This treatment is not your run of the mill facial. It is a massage facial using World Organics products. It includes cleansing, massage, a mask and moisturiser, finishing with some Reiki. The treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed and nourished, and your whole self, relaxed and calm.


Breath awareness sessions incorporate meditation and mindfulness. They will leave you feeling calm and rested, and give you techniques you can incorporate into your own life. Done regularly, breath work can be life-changing because it can reduce reactiveness and enhance spirituality and the ability to cope with stress. Two sessions are recommended and each session takes 1.5 hours.


In addition to the treatments, Otatara Retreat offers Reiki courses, Level 1 & 2.


Pamper yourself with one therapy or combine a selection of treatments to create your own unique pamper experience at our day spa.

(2 nights, 3 days)

This offering from Otatara Retreat comes directly from the heart. It is designed to give you the tranquillity, time and space to make a real difference for you; so you can truly relax and reset. Yet, it is completely self-directed. You decide whether you want a totally solitary experience, or whether you want to indulge in treatments or just sit or walk quietly with nature. This is about you and what you need to nourish your soul.

Our self-contained 1-bedroom, boutique accommodation adjoins our day spa and home. Set amongst native bush and birdsong, it is private and unplugged – no TV – and a world away from the city, yet close enough to order in delicious meals from a wide range of restaurants. It is also very well-equipped so if you prefer to cook, you can do so with ease in the fully equipped kitchen. There are nature trails within walking distance and others nearby.

This retreat package is a three-day, two-night nurturing, healing experience. It is designed for one person or two (queen-size bed). You are welcome to add your choice of treatments to individualise your pampering, nurturing or healing experience.

Variations on the length of stay are available by arrangement.

116 Marama Ave South, Otatara Invercargill 9810
E-mail: julie@otatararetreat.co.nz Phone: (03) 213 0776