Pamper yourself with one therapy or combine a selection of treatments to create your own unique pamper experience at our day spa.

60 min Treatments $95

Massage package

Feet, lower legs, back, neck, shoulders, scalp

Vibrational healing (crystal bowls)

Reiki Package

Energy healing

Vibrational healing (crystal bowls)

Facial Package

Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, face, neck, shoulders, upper arms

Mask, Reiki

90 min Treatments $140

Massage Package

Feet, lower legs, back, neck, shoulders, back exfoliation, scalp

Back exfoliation

Vibrational healing (crystal bowls)

Massage & Facial Package

Back massage, exfoliation

Facial cleanse, exfoliate, massage, neck, shoulders, upper arms


2 Hour Treatments $180

Combine all treatments into a 2 hour deep relaxation Pamper

Massage, Facial, Reiki, Exfoliation, Scalp massage,  Vibrational healing (Crystal bow)