Nestled in the beautiful Otatara bush, Otatara Retreat offers a quiet and tranquil environment to relax and experience some inner bliss.
Especially for women, the 24 hour retreat are offered as a time for reflection and de-stressing

Retreats are held over  1 day/1 night.  Arriving any time after 2 pm and leaving 5 pm the following day

Retreat packages offer sessions to explore Mindful Living, Self Healing, Meditation, and Visualization. During your retreat you are also offered either  Massage, Reiki or Facial as part of your investment.  Food will be purchased for you from outside source.  You will be offered a small menu to choose from.


Mindful Living Retreat

This Retreat offers an approach to becoming more mindful in your life and suggests ways to relate differently to life’s experiences.  During the weekend you will be given tools that assist in paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations and encourage you to develop a daily practice in Mindfulness.

Mindfulness enables us to be aware of our thoughts and emotions so we can make wise choices and respond better to different situations.
There will be time during the weekend for solitude and self reflection.  On the Friday and Saturday nights you are offered a pamper session before retiring.  Enjoy being nurtured.


Self Healing Retreat

This retreat assists you in re-discovering your inner ability to heal and balance yourself.  It is based on the principles of Japanese Reiki.   You will be offered tools in meditation, hands on healing for your-self, and guided meditation to awaken the soul.  There will be time for solitude and self reflection.  In the evening  you are offered a pampering session before retiring.


Time-Out Retreat

This retreat is about you unwinding and relaxing as the stress and tension dissolves.  Allow yourself time to re-energize and restore your balance.  You may want to explore some meditation or self healing or you may just want to enjoy listening to the birds while reading and relaxing.  Solitude is a wonderful healer for mind body and soul.

24 hour retreats can be designed to meet your needs.


Your investment for the retreat:

1 day/1 night $395